Concrete structures

Concrete structures

The company’s core specialization is the construction of a full-spectrum monolithic reinforced concrete structures at the construction site.

We can provide all range of construction actions that are necessary for the carcass of the building of any size and complexity: foundations, walls, columns and ceilings.

We also provide services of decking the water proofing, the bricklaying and assembling prefabricated reinforced concrete elements if required by the specificity of the carcass.

If the project has such requirements, we can also provide special requirements for the construction of exposed / decorative concrete surfaces.

In co-operation with our long-term partners, we are able to undertake earthworks, works of fortyfing the construction pit and construction of pile field. The activity and the range of services offered by the company is prone to that the Client would be able to hand over hand in hand and the responsibility those construction processes related to the construction of the supporting carcass of the building.