Industrial concrete floors

Industrial concrete floors

Since the inception of the company, one of the main direction of product group development has been the construction of monolithic concrete floors.

The company has a team of highly experienced specialists which are able to offer the most optimal solutions according to the wishes of the Client, as well as are able to perform them to be very high quality.

We can perform floor concreting works according to the project requirements, but we can also perform the analysis of project solutions to offer a more optimal solution within the project, as well as we can offer fiber concrete calculations according to given loads and floor operation conditions.

Polymer concrete floors

The construction of polymer concrete floors is one of the company’s innovations in the range of floor and its covering. The main advantage of this floor system is that it is relatively thin (15-50 mm), but extremely durable and dense, which in some cases allows this top layer to be used as a top layer of the water proofing. This system is based on almost the same components as the concrete, only a modified polymer is being used instead of the water, which  provides a very high quality floor surface in the combination with the cement and granite chips.

Basically this system is used to restore the surface of old and collapsed concrete, as well as in cases where the projects foresee the grinding of the surface of the basic slab in a permanent quality, but it cannot be performed qualitatively due to the weather conditions (winter, rain). Then the surface of the slab is deliberately built 20 mm below and its surface is made to be as rough as possible, so that it has the best adhesion to the top layer of the polymer concrete.